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Board of Advice

What happens now?

  • Business owner/s go from meeting to email to phone call to email to meeting to email to phone call …………… This is repeated for every professional | stakeholder, every time.
    • Accountant
    • Insurance broker
    • Financial Planner
    • Lawyer
    • Marketing consultant
    • Valuer
    • Body corporate
  • Professionals | stakeholders don’t collaborate and get no synergetic outcomes
  • Business owner/s are busy, busy, busy

Diagram Board of Advice

Why a Board of Advice | Advisory Board?

  • A Board of Advice | Advisory Board, provides non-binding strategic advice to the management of a business. The informal nature of an advisory board gives greater flexibility in structure and management compared to a Board of Directors
  • The no. 1 rule is that it is your business and your decision what you do with advice | thoughts
  • It is a notional entity
  • Nobody participating on a Board of Advice | Advisory Board is paid for attending meetings
  • It is an informal group of professionals | stakeholders and thought-provoking individuals who help owners run a better business
  • A chairperson facilitates an Agenda
  • The benefits for SMEs and private companies include:
    • Regular access to the experience and advice of a number of business professionals
    • Lower costs than a full board of directors
    • A Board of Advice focuses on and advise specifically to your own business
    • Information and agendas prepared for each meeting, results in accountability.
  • A well-chosen and empowered Board of Advice | Advisory Board will have you drawing on their skill and knowledge whenever you meet. More powerful than talking to each member separately, a well selected Board of Advice | Advisory Board will tackle issues from all angles, giving you powerful insights into what you could and should be doing.
  • The Board of Advice will bring about an element of “corporate governance” to ensure that everyone is accountable and achieving the outcomes that have been set.

Generational can assist you design the Board of Advice | Advisory Board structure, establish the Agenda and to chair the meetings to ensure that all parties are moving in the same direction to achieve the goals of your business.

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