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GENERATIONAL is a market leading Multi Family Office, guiding and recognising family businesses, we understand the unique challenges they face — and how to address them.

  • We are omnipresent.
  • We offer a personalised range of services aimed at the specific needs of each individual family business — helping them to grow and succeed for generations.
  • We understand and respect the issues facing Patriarchs and Matriarchs.

GENERATIONAL is also a powerful resource that provides access to our knowledge, insights and experience through an unparalleled global network of partners dedicated to help family offices succeed wherever they are.

Our service to Family Offices is a reflection of our broad range of expertise and a symbol of our commitment toward family businesses around the world.

Our comprehensive and integrated omnipresent approach helps families to structure their wealth and preserve it for future generations. Our goal is to unlock the development potential of the family through a multidisciplinary approach that scrutinises operational, regulatory, tax, legal, strategic and family-related aspects.

A large number of family offices have been set up since 2000 all over the world. The common triggers for establishing a family office include:

  • ensuring that wealth is transferred to future generations;
  • preserving family wealth;
  • consolidating assets;
  • dealing with a sudden influx of liquidity;
  • solving family conflicts;
  • increasing wealth management efficiency.

Family offices have also gained prominence because of wealth-holding families’ desire for greater control over their investments and fiduciary affairs, as well as lifestyle management.

Indeed, this desire for control has gained even more resonance since the 2008–09 global financial crisis (GFC), as more families have taken control of their financial affairs. As wealth grows, particularly in the emerging markets, there is little doubt that family offices will play an even bigger role in the management of substantial wealth in the years ahead. This guide is designed as a learning tool to provide guidance to families considering setting up a family office. They include business families who wish to separate their family wealth and assets from the operating business, and successful entrepreneurs looking at structuring liquidity gained from a highly profitable sale in order to further grow and preserve their wealth.

We have produced a Guide that you may find helpful and illuminating for your decision-making to a pathway to a successful family legacy and wealth. To receive a free copy of our Guide, click GET IN TOUCH TODAY (below), complete and click Send Enquiry.

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